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Born In Greenville, SC, Chef Meme was surrounded by the women of her family, and their love for baking. Growing up she would always remember the smell of fried apple turnovers at her grandmother's house, where she would allow her to pinch the edges of the crusts together. Or the joy she felt when her mother would give her the beater to lick before pouring the batter into the cake pan. Each baked good was made with the joy and love that each woman felt in their heart, and our family could taste that love in each bite.

That feeling is what inspired Chef Meme to create Cover The Biscuits. What better joy can a person feel, than to give back to others? With each bite, she wanted her customers to feel as if they were, that little child full of excitement when the oven opened and the cake was brought out to cool. That each bite, would take her customers back to the tastes and smells that she was raised around.

We, at Cover The Biscuits, wanted to continue to spread that feeling of endearment in each of our baked goods. Each is not only prepared with love and care, but packaged with the hope that you will create your own memories with your friends and families.

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